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The purpose with this site is to make it possible for friends and other interested to watch the pictures I have taken during me and my wife's travels around the world.

Me at Boat Quay, Singapore
The picture to the left shows me and my wife sitting in the Singapore Zoo having breakfast together with an orangutang!
During our travel we have visited many cities but the city we always come back to is Singapore, which is our favourite city.
This site is first of all to show pictures from our travel during the last 14 years but it's my outermost intention to also give written information about our experiences from the destinations we have visit. I'm afraid that far from every picture shown at this site is followed by a text telling you where and what you're watching but it's my absolute goal in life that it will be that way!

I'm in the fortunate situation of having a wife working in the travelling business which makes it possible for us to travel to destinations in the world that maybe is not that common for every person. My first long haul flight had USA destination and that took place in 1989. That gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream from the youth to visit the great country in west. After this trip we have visit USA lots of times but destinations in Asia is where we spent our most vacations

During our travelling I have, of course, taken lots of pictures with different kinds of cameras. My main instrument during the first 7-8 years have been the video camera while my wife have taken pictures with an ordinary camera. Some years ago I bought my first digital camera and since then it's digital all the way. Problem with that however is to show the pictures in a smooth way. Therefore I came up with the idea of making this site so I can distribute my picture in an easy way. This way anyone who wants can look at my pictures when they want and if they want by just enter the Internet. Isn't it great??
I know that creating websites in html is not the most modern 2020 but when I started creating this site in 2001 it was the way to do it. I have not made any major updates to the site until spring 2020 and my ambition was to develop a website that is more modern. However, it will take some time to become proficient in a new program that creates web pages so they have to wait a while. In the meantime, I will continue with the old way of creating pages. Since I have been very poor at displaying our pictures from our travels, I thought it would be better to publish the pictures I have now and then to do something nicer in the future. It is my plan to do something during my retirement.




City / State / Province

Thailand 1991 
Phuket, Bangkok
Bangkok, Koh Samui
Chang Mai, Koh Samui
Krabi, Bangkok
Rayong, Koh Samet, Pattaya

Surinam, Kao Lak, Patong

Singapore 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2015,2019 .
Malaysia  1992 
Kuantan och Kuala Lumpur
Johor Bahru, Langkawi
Johor Bahru
Sutra Beach, Redang Island, Lang Tengah Island, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Johor Bahru

Lang Tengah Islan
Redang Island

HongKong 1995, 1999 .
Australia 1997  Queensland, New South Wales
Philippines 1998, 
Manila, Maribago(Mactan Island), Cebu, Mindanao
Cebu, Boracay
Bali 1998, 2000 .
Cook Island 1999  Rarotonga, Aitutaki
Fiji 1999 .
Hawaii 1999  Oahu
USA 1989 

New York, California, Tennessee,  Florida
New York, California, Arizona, Nevada
Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, N Carolina, Tennessee, 
Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois 
Durham, North Carolina
, Washington, DC
New York, Indianapolis, Chicago
New York, New Jersy
Los Angeles, Coast Highway #1, San Fransisco, Napa Valley, Alcatraz, Muir Woods
New York City
Borneo 1995  Sarawak
Indonesia 1996  Bintan
China 2001 Bejing
Egypt 2002
Hurgadah, Luxor
Hurgadah, Cairo
Venezuela 2002/2003 Isla Margarita
United Arab Emirates 2009
Al Fujairah, Dubai
Abu Dhabi, Al Fujairah, Dubai
Ras Al Khaimah
Oman 2012 Muscat
South Africa 2009 Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Simon´s Town, Cape of Good Hope
Cape Verde 2014 Sal, Santa Maria
Maldives 2018 Canareef Resort
Dominican Republic 2010 Punta Cana
Qatar 2016 Sightseeing in the Town


Choose area you would like to look at by clicking the map.

Main purpose with this site is to show pictures taken during our travel in the world but I hope to find the time to give you some account of journey from the different destinations we have visited. Right now it's most pictures at my site but if you can read swedish you can read about an excursion at Bali and my impressions of my favourite city Singapore .

To the left you'll find a table of contents with small pictures of maps. Click the maps and you'll get to the next level so you finally can choose the destination you are interested in. When a new destination is launched I will mark it with . This marking will stay for approximately 14 days.
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Marina City
Picture to the left shows a view from the Marina district in Singapore
....... one of my favourite cities in the world
Pictures shows the great shopping street in Singapore Orchard Road

If you would like to read my own story about Singapore (and you're good at reading swedish) click here!



Krabi was one of our destinastions during 1997. Here you live like a prince with sun, bath, varmth, snorcelling etc.  
The water surrounding Krabi is just perfect to snorcel in.
This picture shows how it can look like in Krabi, situated in the south west part of Thailand

South Pacific

South Pacific
What you see here above is a picture from what can be considered the ultimate paradise on the earth that I had the privilege to visit in 1999.

Check the pictures from Cook Island by clicking on the map in the content area to the left
and I think you'll get the "picture".